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August 14, 2020

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Jan 19, 2011

Upcoming NCCCO Exams


Crane Written Exams:  

November 16, 2019 @ Bothell 

January 25, 2020 @ Tacoma

May 2, 2020 @ Bothell - CANCELED

July 25, 2020 @ Tacoma  - CANCELED


 Contact the office to be placed on the waitlist: 509-968-3203

Click Here to download a Written Application for Bothell

Click Here to download a Written Application for Tacoma

Click Here to download a Recertification Written for Bothell

Click Here to download a Recertification Written for Tacoma

Call the Training Office for additional applications or visit


Crane Practical Exams:  Seat Time & Testing (Call to Schedule)


   Contact the office to be placed on the waitlist: 509-968-3203

Click Here to download a Practical Application


Rigger /Signal Person Exams:  

October 19, 20198 @ Tacoma

December 21, 2019 @ Bothell

March 21, 2020 @ Tacoma  - CANCELED

June 20, 2020 @ Bothell  - CANCELED


Contact the office to be placed on the waitlist: 509-968-3203

Click Here to download a Rigger / Signal Person Application

Click Here to download a Recertification Rigger Written Application

Click Here to download a Recertification Signal Practical Application


Jan 08, 2009

Nov 06, 2008

Sep 30, 2008

Nov 05, 2008

Mobile and Tower Crane Practical Exams:

 The following sections describe the specific tasks you will be performing when taking the practical examination. It is important that you understand these instructions. If there is anything you do not understand, please request clarification from the Examiner.

Click Here to visit the NCCCO website and watch a video demonstrating the tasks.

The Tasks are:

  • Task: Pre-Operational Inspection
  • Task 1: Place Chain in Stop Circle
  • Task 2: Follow Hand Signals
  • Task 3: Place Ball in Barrels
  • Task 4: Negotiate Zigzag Corridor with Test Weight
  • Task 5: Safe Shutdown and Securing Procedures

There is also a Pre-Test Briefing, a Pre-Test Familiarization Period, and a Pre-Task Familiarization Period (prior to the zigzag task) with a load. You will be required to complete all phases of the test in sequence.

You must report to the test site at the scheduled time. You are required to bring personal protective equipment to wear during the test including as a minimum: hard hat, work boots, and suitable work clothing.

The Test Site Coordinator is responsible for setting the testing schedule. If you are familiar with the operation of the test crane, you may elect to test first to allow other candidates time to review the operator’s manuals and load charts. Otherwise, selection shall be by random drawing or by assignment of the Test Site Coordinator.

During the practical examination, you are under the direction of the Examiner and must follow the Examiner’s directions at all times.

Once you have completed all of the tests you are taking, you must leave the testing area. Only personnel involved in the administration of the test are allowed in the test area.


For Task 1, Task 3 and Task 4 an “optimum” time limit has been set. If the task is completed within this time period, you receive no time penalty.

Once you exceed this time limit, you will lose points on a gradual basis. If you take twice as long as the optimum time, you will have lost all the points allotted to that particular task. The “optimum” time for each task is stated as part of the task descriptions.


While you are waiting to take your test you will have sufficient time to read this description of the tasks be performed and review the operator’s manuals and load charts for the crane(s) you will operate. In addition, you will be informed of the make and model the crane, the boom length and the weight of the test load. You will also watch a short video showing all the tasks you will be required to perform during the examination.

May 10, 2011

Are you interested in getting your NCCCO card for Knuckleboom (Articulating) Cranes?

Email or call the Training Center office (509) 968-3203 ext. 221 to get your name on the wait list to be contacted for future testing dates

Click Here to visit the NCCCO Website to learn about the practical exam

Click Here to Visit the NCCCO Website to learn about the written exam



Nov 05, 2008

Nov 05, 2008

Nov 05, 2008

The appropriate fee must be enclosed with your application and sent to the Training Center Office before the scheduled deadline.  The Training Center will add the candidate to the test roster and forward the application and payment to the International Assesment Institute to be processed. All fees are determined by and paid to the IAI. The Operating Engineers Training Program is not responsible for any fees applied by the IAI.

Checks and money orders payable to International Assessment Institute are preferred.  You may also pay by credit card - Visa, MasterCard or Amex.  Do not send cash.  

 Mobile Crane Exams (First Time):

Core Exam plus 1 Specialty Exam:    $165

Core Exam plus 2 Specialty Exams:  $175

Core Exam plus 3 Specialty Exams:   $185

Core Exam plus 4 Specialty Exams:   $195


Re-Testing Fees:

Core Exam Only (Specialty Passed):      $165

Core Exam plus 1 Specialty Exam:         $165

Core Exam Passed: 1 Specialty only:        $65

Core Exam Passed: 2 Specialties only:    $75

Core Exam Passed: 3 Specialties only:    $85

Core Exam Passed: 4 Specialties only:    $95


Recertification Fees:

 Core Exam plus 1 Specialty Exam:        $150

Core Exam plus 2 Specialty Exams:      $155

Core Exam plus 3 Specialty Exams:     $160

Core Exam plus 4 Specialty Exams:      $165


Tower Crane Exams:

Written Exam: $165

Written Exam: For candidates who are registering for Mobile exams at the same as the Tower exam:  $50

Written Exam: For candidates already certified in Mobile Cranes (no updated card:)  $50

Written Exam: For Candidaes already certified in Mobile Cranes (updated card): $75


Other Fees:

You will be charged an additional $50 fee if your application is late.

You will be charged an additional $25 fee if:
— you wish to reschedule without a valid reason (see Emergency Cancellations or Withdrawals).
— you need a replacement certification card.

You will be charged an additional $30 fee if:
— your application form is incomplete
— you do not send in full payment
— your credit card cannot be processed for any reason
— you want to add to, or change, the exams you want to take after scheduling has been completed (in addition to the exam fee).

Candidate applications that arrive after that time cannot be accepted

Walk-in candidates cannot be accepted under any circumstances



Aug 03, 2009

There is now the option to take the NCCCO written exams on the computer at a PSI testing facility

Follow these steps to sign up for the computerized written exam:

1. Click Here to visit the NCCCO website to read the various requirements and to complete and submit the online application.  You will receive an Authorization Email within 24 hours.

2. After you receive your email authorization from CCO, follow the directions given to schedule your test with PSI.  You can look up the available test centers by going to the PSI website. 

3. Go to the selected test center at the scheduled date and time.  Bring with you your photo ID and Authorization Email. Once you have completed your computer-based tests, you will receive your official score results before you leave the test center.

Please note: Taking the written exam on the computer does cost more than taking it on paper. The Training Trust does not reimburse the additional cost of taking the exam on the computers.

To download a packet of instructions, exam fees, and locations in WA, please CLICK HERE

Nov 05, 2008

Nov 12, 2008



Click Here to access the Application for Accreditation - Cranes/Derricks and other Material Handling Devices


Aug 25, 2009

 Certified Basic Rigger

The NCCCO Rigger Task Force has identified the following job duties for the Basic level certified rigger. The basic level rigger can perform simple, repetitive rigging tasks when the load weight, center of gravity, the rigging and rigging configuration are provided or
known by the rigger through experience, or on-the-job training prior to the rigging activities. Specifically, they should be able to demonstrate or have knowlegdge of the following: A basic Rigger should be able to demonstrate or have knowlegdge of the following:

• Pre-use rigging inspection
• Identify and attach rigging with basic knowledge of hitch configurations, capacities, and basic knots
• Recognize associated hazards
• Signaling operations
• Use various types of rigging equipment and basic hitches and their applications

Written Exam: consists of 60 multiple-choice questions. Candidates are allowed 60 minutes to complete the Basic Rigger Written Examination.

Practical Exam: The successful completion of a NCCCO Rigger Basic Practical Examination demonstrates a candidate's basic rigging competency.


Click Here to View the Rigger Reference Manual

Click Here to View the Rigger Reference Booklet

Aug 25, 2009

SignalPerson Certification

The Siganlperson written examination consist of 60 multiple-choice questions.  Candidates are allowed 60 minutes to complete the examination.

Domain 1: Hand Signals
      (Approximately 33% of the test)
Domain 2: Voice Communication
      (Approximately 13% of the test)
Domain 3: Basic Knowledge of Crane Operations
      (Approximately 27% of the test)
Domain 4: Situational Awareness (Site Specific Considerations)
      (Approximately 13% of the test)

Domain 5: Safety Standards and Regulations

      (Approximately 13% of the test)

   Click Here for more details on the Written Exam

The Signalperson practical examination requires the candidate to demonstrate proficiency in giving both hand and voice commands.

The Signalperson practical examination consists of 20 scenarios.  There is no time limit for this examination.  Candidates will typically complete the exam in approximately 15 minutes. 

Match Scenario:  In these scenarios the candidate will observe the crane performing certain functions and the candidate will give the necessary hand or voice signal(s) that match or matches the function.

Candidate Initiated Scenario:  In these scenarios, the candidate will give the necessary hand or voice signals to initiate and direct crane movement.

 Click Here for more details on the Practical Exam  


Click Here to View the SignalPerson Reference Manual

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